“Where do you think it fell?” Sade asking Katherine as she grew increasingly tired, wet, and cold.

“Not sure”, Katherine answers.

“The coordinates say it fell in this direction”. Katherine continues.

Katherine loved her name she always told people she met she was named after Katherine Johnson, the awesome black…

The Gift

If I gave you a gift
what would you do?

Would you be modest,
or would you be pissed?

This gift is way overdue because
I feel you're undeserving

What am I to do?

Let’s be honest,
you’ve followed the untrue.

You see with this gift you’ll be…


A wise man once said;
“The fool says there’s no God”.
And to say “you don’t need God” is such a fraud.
Don’t you know that God is the best squad.

He’s unrestricted, always present,
never leaving you lonely. …

I’m having a fling with God!

My child, I write this to you because you’ve strayed.

We used to talk, then you grew.
And now not even a simple good morning will bid me a dew.

When all I ever ask is a simple hello. …


So it begins!
Sitting in this room thinking.
“How do I begin this?”

I have to take it back to genesis.
To the very beginning.

I used to admire the ones before me.
Now I look to the one that went before me.

He didn’t call the qualified,

Wambui Kibira

I'm a poet and I know it😁😉 no in all seriousness I write Christian social justice poems. Join me as I explore my poetry side. ig: wambui_kibira.

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